Physical Limitations

Dr. Barb DePree MDby Dr. Barb DePree, M.D.

Midlife comes with aches, pains, limitations. We don't bounce the way we used to. Some of us have lost strength in our limbs.

Osteoarthritis and back pain complaints dominate our party conversations.

Even if we're doing all we can to hold back the effects of sex and aging, by 50, we can feel it, and by 60, we're working around it.

The Mechanics of Aging, Sex, and Back Pain

Add to the sheer mechanics of our age the disease processes many of us are managing—heart disease, high blood pressure, bladder and bowel problems, and it's obvious that our intimacies may need a little rethinking, a bit of tweaking, a few supportive props for sex and back pain, even.

Luckily, we're not the first sexually active people to reach our age. Others have gone before us and figured a few things out. We're learning about sex after 50 and sharing as fast as we can the tools, tips, and tricks for keeping intimacy comfortable as our bodies change. 

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