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We at MiddlesexMD have sought out a range of effective, safe, and high-quality products to meet the various needs of midlife women and their partners. Every so often, something comes across our desks that we encourage every woman to consider. Here are a few of our current favorites, and remember that when you spend $50 standard delivery is free to U.S. addresses!.


Q: How do I prepare for wanting more than a long passionate kiss?

May 26, 2020

You say you haven’t been sexually active for more than 20 years, because of your own surgery, your husband’s impotence, and then being widowed. I’m touched to hear you’ve reconnected with a high school friend and hope the relationship develops exactly as it should! Based on your history, it is likely intercourse wouldn’t be possible without some work in advance “getting things ready.” With menopause, it’s normal to expect vaginal dryness and some atrophy, which means the tissues shrink and become less elastic. The products that would be necessary are vaginal moisturizers, which restore some moisture to the vagina and then dilators, the use of which gently stretches the tissues. Most women successfully regain sexual function with consistent use of...

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