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Q: Are these change in my periods concerning?

June 03, 2020

You’re in your mid-50s, and while you’ve always had light and regular periods, you’re now menstruating every three weeks with a quite heavy flow, including some clots. You’re wondering whether you should be concerned. These are very typical changes in periods in perimenopause. Classically periods will get closer and heavier, and eventually they will get lighter and further apart—and ultimately stop! Unpredictability is the norm for perimenopause.The periods reflect the relative production of ovarian hormones of estrogen and progesterone.   Fortunately, most healthy women can tolerate intermittent blood loss and have no ill effects. If lessening the bleeding is required, it can be done with simple options like Ibuprofen (800 mg every 8 hours), which, when started right away at the onset...

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