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We at MiddlesexMD have sought out a range of effective, safe, and high-quality products to meet the various needs of midlife women and their partners. Every so often, something comes across our desks that we encourage every woman to consider. Here are a few of our current favorites, and remember that when you spend $50 standard delivery is free to U.S. addresses!.


Coronavirus and Returning Family Members

March 26, 2020

In midlife, many of us have young adult children in transition (like from college back home for varying lengths of time), or other family members who need or choose to take shelter with us. The coronavirus has added a serious new complication to those transitions, including how to welcome your family member home and protect everyone’s health. I’m not an expert on coronavirus, but I can offer some basic guidance and additional resources. One common scenario is that everyone in the household appears to be healthy, and the person coming to stay also appears to be healthy. Since there’s no established protocol, you’ll have to make some judgment calls.  If your family member knows they have been exposed to the...

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