Other Voices We Like

ASHA, or the American Sexual Health Association, promotes sexual health of individuals, families, and communities through advocacy and education. Their website includes a number of resources, especially related to STIs and HPV, as well as articles on various topics in support of sexual self-determination and health. Find them here.

Red Hot Mamas provides menopause education and support programs in the US and Canada, to women and healthcare providers alike. We like their spunk, and the fact that they bring women together to learn from each other (plus our own Dr. Barb is on their "ask the expert" panel.) Find them here.

Below Your Belt is dedicated to improving pelvic health in women of all ages—not just those in midlife and beyond. They provide information for you and for you to share with your daughter and granddaughter (see their resources for kids!). Find them here.

EmpowHer is an online community where women ask health questions and discuss topics of women's health. Founded by Michelle King Robson, it includes stories of struggle and hope--and offers lots of resources on the spectrum of women's health issues. Find it here.

Friend For The Ride offers encouraging words for women going through menopause and other midlife issues. There's humor--even cartoons!--and real-life reflection on many shared experiences of midlife and menopause. Find them here.

Healthy Women is an online resource that empowers women to make smart choices for themselves and their families. We like the information they offer on menopause and perimenopause, which you can find here.