Deep Pelvic Pain

Deep pain with penetration, especially with thrusting, is often caused by pelvic problems, and should be explored with your doctor if it is persistent.

Pelvic Pain Causes

Common causes of deep pelvic pain in women include pelvic adhesions (scar tissues from past surgeries or treatments), endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or interstitial cystitis. Deep pain is rarely caused by uterine fibroids, which is usually a painless condition. Cancer of pelvic organs (cervix, uterus, or ovaries) will rarely cause pain with deep penetration. 

You can explore different positions during intercourse to see if that makes a difference for you in either the intensity or frequency of pelvic pain in women. But because painful intercourse for women can lead to other sexual difficulties (like vaginismus), it’s important to work with your caregivers to resolve deep pelvic pain, if penetration during sex is important for you. 

Intimate Alternatives

Of course sex with penetration is just one form of intimacy, and we encourage all midlife women to explore other forms of sexual expression and enjoyment in the meantime.

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