Q: What can help me experience orgasm in spite of my MS?

Whenever there are neurologic implications to a disease process, sexual response can be affected; these are difficult issues.

I did see an MS patient just recently who had not experienced orgasm in about five years. Some of the medications that treat her MS also interfered with orgasm. Fortunately, she was able to find success with a brand of vibrators that offered added stimulation--even though other vibrators hadn't worked for her.

The vibrators we select for the MiddlesexMD shop are designed to have the strongest vibration and stimulation, which we know midlife women often look for. The Gigi2, Liv2, and Siri2 are three options we have offered at MiddlesexMD that all have that stronger power, which is better for older women and those who may have medical conditions like yours, diabetes, or medication side effects.

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