Knowledge of how your body's changes affect sexuality

Dr. Barb DePree MDby Dr. Barb DePree, M.D.

Being informed can help you keep sex enjoyable.

As we get older and our hormone levels drop, we experience changes in our tissues, our sensitivities, and our responsiveness. If we understand these normal changes in women's sexual health, we can keep our bodies and minds in shape for continued sexuality, and we can compensate when we need to. At this stage in our lives—looking for sex after 40, we may be "high maintenance," but it's worth the effort! Our recipe for continued sexual health starts with Knowledge and continues with the recipe elements, above, for women's sexual health.

Sex after Menopause: Sex after 40 and Beyond

Learn about sex after menopause, painful sex, diminished orgasm, and more by clicking on any of the statements at right that "sound like you." If you experience—or suspect you may have—any of the conditions listed below, click to understand it more fully and learn what to do about it. There are definitely actions you can take to stay healthy!

Conditions in women's sexual health that may affect your sex life now:

You're not alone. There are steps you can take to stay healthy, relieve painful sex, and keep sex after 40 and beyond satisfying and invigorating! Enjoyable sex after menopause is entirely possible.