I've found someone new or I'm starting over

Sex for the midlife woman who has found a new relationship can be especially challenging.

You're not alone if the very idea of establishing new sexual relationships seems overwhelming. While you may not feel the need to live up to idealized images that rule young lovers' lives, you may be paralyzed by the fact that you aren't your younger self any more.

But we think you'll find that thriving sexually energizes you—and that can energize your exploration of new relationships.

You have an advantage over younger women in that you've had more time to learn about what you want and need. At our age, intimacy rules. Generally speaking, at midlife the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our sex.

Still, there are things you need to know. So do read on: Dig deeper by exploring the related conditions listed at right, or choose another statement that sounds like you.

Are these conditions on your mind?

No Partner
What, if anything, should we do about our sexual health if we have no sexual relationships? Midlife women are often without sex partners.

Worry about STI
At midlife many of us are dating, some of us starting to date again after many years with the same partner.

Helpful reminders

Understand the recipe
Talking about sex
Seeking care and advice