We need to change things up

Sometimes one partner's physical changes or a medical condition that restricts or inhibits sexual performance requires that a couple find new avenues for sexual and emotional intimacy.

It's worthwhile in these circumstances for couples and individuals to acknowledge the need for change, decide together what's most important, and then explore or invent new forms of intimate expression that will work for them.

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Here are some conditions that can get in your way:

After Treatment
It might be hernia repair, a hysterectomy, endometriosis, or the removal of fibroids.

Physical/Emotional Distance
By midlife many of us have been in our relationships for decades, have endured ups and downs together.

Physical Limitations
Midlife comes with aches, pains, limitations We don't bounce the way we used to. Some of us have lost strength in our limbs.

No Partner
What, if anything, should we do about our sexual health if we have no sexual relationships? Midlife women are often without sex partners.

Helpful reminders

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Talking about sex
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