Try Physical Therapy

At our age we may have collected injuries, surgeries, physical or psychological traumas, illnesses or diseases. If Kegel products or vaginal weights can't or won't help, a qualified physical therapist can offer a number of treatments.

Sometimes it's misaligned bones or muscles that cause pelvic pain or restrict movement, making sex uncomfortable or impossible.

Physical Therapists, or PTs, can be particularly helpful in teaching and training us to work through musculo-skeletal pain, physical or sexual trauma, and pelvic floor dysfunction. A physical therapist trained specifically to work in pelvic rehabilitation can be a great help.

For some of us, Kegel exercises won't help, because we can't identify our pelvic muscles. Physical therapists trained in vulvo-vaginal treatment can help their patients find and strengthen their pelvic muscles and get started on a Kegel exercise program, manage vaginal atrophy, treat vaginismus, and discover and treat some causes of deep pelvic pain.

How To 

Your doctor can refer you to a physical therapist who is trained to perform vulvo-vaginal and pelvic treatments, or call the American Physical Therapy Association, 800-999-APTA, and ask for referrals to a local physical therapist trained in women's health.