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What is the gushing I sometimes experience during sex?

What is the gushing I sometimes experience during sex?

by Dr. Barb DePree MD

What you describe—clear, odorless fluid released when the "right spot deep inside" is stimulated—is classic "female ejaculation." The fluid comes from the Skenes glands located along the front (anterior) wall of the vagina; the Skenes gland is roughly comparable to the prostate gland in men. For some women, direct stimulation of that spot on the vaginal wall releases the fluids from that gland.

Do All Women Experience This Female Gushing?

Not all women experience this, but it's certainly noticeable for women who do! It's not, though, either unusual or a cause for concern.


  • I gush a fluid it does not stain are smell like urine it smells salty.

    Natalie on

  • I am a squirter and at times a gusher. It is very intense and is also very satisfying. My partner loves it as much as I do and he says it tastes very sweet… there is no urine smell or taste to this fluid at all.

    Darlene on

  • We have been together 13… the last 2 nights in a certain position my wife has gushed… its not urine, it drys quickly but leaves a sticky residue and actually smells a bit sweet.

    Paul on

  • There were a couple of studies in the last few years of the composition of female ejaculate. It’s difficult to study, for reasons that may be obvious, but the studies concur on two sources for the “spurt” that happens with orgasm: whitish fluid from glands on the side of the urethra (Skene’s glands) and urine from the bladder. The proportion of each can differ from one woman to another; even the fluid from the bladder doesn’t look or smell like urine, typically (it’s more diluted). There is some evidence that female ejaculate contains PSA (yes, same as men’s PSA), and this could only come from the female Skene’s glands, but the presence of PSA is variable.

    And women’s experience differs greatly: If you’ve never noticed this phenomenon, don’t worry about it! And if you have, you’re within the range of normal. Sex can be messy! I think it’s fabulous that there remains some mystery around sex and its intricacies!

    Dr. Barb on

  • I have read that recent investigation indicates that female ejaculate is of the same composition as urine. Has that been generally agreed upon?

    Jeanne on

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