Q: Can I use my electric toothbrush erotically?

I get occasional questions about erotic use of various household objects. I am, after all, long trained as a physician, so safety and hygiene are among my first concerns. And, since starting MiddlesexMD, I've seen some very well designed vibrators, dilators, and dildos that I know are safe, easy to clean, and designed specifically for older women's pleasure.

That said, I encourage women and their partners to be playful. These are the things I would look for to be safe: Are there sharp edges, seams that might pinch, protrusions that might surprise you? Can you clean the material thoroughly—before and after use? Is it compatible with any lubricants you might use? And, less clinical but just as important, will it make you feel like a valuable, sexually alive person?

With those cautions, have fun exploring.

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