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We love hearing from our readers and our customers. We’re thrilled when we hear from someone who’s gotten unstuck in her sex life because of information or products we’ve been able to supply.

Two recent messages, for example: A husband e-mailed us in happy disbelief that his wife’s use of vaginal dilators had enabled them to have comfortable sex for the first time in two years. A woman e-mailed to say that Yes vaginal moisturizer had eliminated her pain.

On a lighter note, we got a lot of response on Facebook when we shared—just in time for Thanksgiving—research that proved the scent of pumpkin pie is arousing—especially for men! A few extra pies were baked, we’re guessing….

We keep looking for ways to continue the conversation. We’ve started an e-mail newsletter so a couple of times a month we can highlight recent research or discussions, tell you about new products, and report on other events we’re involved in. We’ll even, from time to time, offer special gifts to folks who subscribe to the newsletter

Even if you’re already a blog subscriber, we invite you to consider signing up for the newsletter or “liking” us on Facebook. Hey, consider it a practice of mindfulness: We know that the more we think about sex, the more sex we have!

Dr. Barb DePree MD
Dr. Barb DePree MD


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