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Q: What causes the clitoris to shrink?

Q: What causes the clitoris to shrink?

by Dr. Barb DePree MD

You asked. Dr. Barb answered.The primary reason for loss of the genitals, which includes the clitoris and also the labia minora and majora too, is the loss of estrogen. Levels of this hormone decline with menopause, whether it occurs naturally or because of surgery or other medical treatment. It’s estimated through clinical scanning and imaging that women lose up 80 percent of the volume of the genitals in menopause over time.

Stimulation helps somewhat to maintain the blood supply that’s a contributing factor so the “use it or lose it” phenomenon comes into play here as well as in vaginal comfort. But the primary factor is hormonal. Localized estrogen can also be helpful to maintaining the health of genital tissues.

This is another aspect of menopause that doesn’t get a lot of attention, so it’s not surprising that you’ve been surprised!


  • Catherine, sometimes you need to experiment to find what works best, but a vibrator is a pretty reliable way to increase circulation. You might also search “clitoris shrink” on our website to read a few articles with more details.

    Dr Barb on

  • What can I do to get blood to my clitoris my clitoris shrink and i needs some pleasure when I have sex am 54 year old HELP!!!!

    Catherine on

  • Nokwenza, Yes, genital tissues shrink as a result of loss of estrogen. A woman can lose as much as 80 percent of her genital volume. Remaining sexually active (both with a partner and solo) helps keep circulation, and hormone therapy (localized estrogen a good option) will help, too. There is further information that may be helpful to you in this article:

    Dr Barb on

  • my clitoris is shrinking and my labia,i also want to increase it in size,please help I am 3 years without sex.

    nokwenza on

  • Stacy, rest assured, women and their parts come in many shapes and sizes, and few people are actually symmetrical even in their youth. Believe me, your health care provider has seen more variety that you can even imagine. Please don’t be embarrassed, and definitely don’t let embarrassment get in the way of caring for your health!

    Dr Barb on

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