Q: How can I enhance intimacy with my partner?

You asked. Dr. Barb answered.You describe your partner’s penis as “smaller than most,” and wonder how to enhance your intimacy--especially intercourse. A reminder, first, that foreplay, which is helpful to both your arousal and lubrication, is an often undervalued part of intimacy. Assuming that you’re taking full advantage of what that “warm-up” has to offer, there are additional things you can try. 

You can try using an internal vibrator, which you or he can use as part of your play together to provide the feeling of fullness some women prefer to experience orgasm. Both the Celesse and the Gigi2 are specially shaped for G-spot stimulation, if that’s an issue for you.

And I do hope that both you and your partner are open to the reality that for humans, sexual pleasure takes many forms! With some exploration, I’m sure you can assure that you’re both satisfied--and comfortable with yourselves.



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