Q: How can I boost my desire and arousal?

You asked. Dr. Barb answered.You say you find your partner attractive, you have a good relationship, and your gynecologist gives you a clean bill of health. And yet, you’re having trouble getting aroused. This is the exact situation for which the Fiera Arouser for Her was designed. It’s not a vibrator; you use it as “before-play”; the gentle suction and vibrations increase blood flow to your genitals, which increases responsiveness--and lubrication, as well.  

Another consideration may be Stronvivo, a nutritional supplement that has been shown to improve sexual function for women (and men), including improved libido/desire and ability to arouse and orgasm.

Some women with libido concerns benefit from supplementing testosterone. This requires an assessment and monitoring from your physician or nurse practitioner, since it’s prescription only. Use of testosterone in women is considered “off label”, or non-FDA approved, and not all practitioners are willing to prescribe it for their patients.

At the same time, you say you’re experiencing less moisture. This is critical to address, because painful intercourse is, of course, not an incentive to desire! There are varieties of lubricants that can add playfulness as well as immediate increased comfort; regular use of a vaginal moisturizer can help you through perimenopause.

The Fiera may be your best bet. I do know this issue can test relationships, and wish you the very best in finding a way forward! Be assured it’s possible.

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