Q: How can I apply moisturizer more conveniently?

Like a number of my patients, you'd like to avoid the disposable applicator that often comes with vaginal moisturizers—whether for environmental or cost reasons (or both!). I know many women prefer to use an applicator: no muss, no fuss. I can't help but encourage women to reconsider the simplest approach: Wash your hands, apply moisturizer to your finger, and insert it in your vagina. This has a number of advantages—you're experienced in washing your hands, your finger is warm and able to curve with your vagina, and you'll know your body better. If you've used tampons without applicators or menstrual sponges or cups, you may be entirely comfortable with this method.

But I know our instinctive preferences are hard to retrain. Another alternative that's worked for patients is to go to the drugstore and check out the syringes for one of appropriate size and cleanability. Note that these are typically designed for single use, so you'll need to develop your own approach for washing and storing the syringe between uses.

Find a method that works for you! Vaginal moisturizer makes a difference with regular use.

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