Q: Does Neogyn help with Lichen Sclerosis?

Lichen Slerosis is a skin disorder that most often appears in the genital area. Early on, there are small white spots, which grow and become thin and brittle over time. We're not quite sure of the cause; theories include immune system issues or hormone problems. It's more common among post-menopausal women than those who are younger. Certainly it can cause discomfort during intimacy, itching and burning or even scar tissue.

I have found Neogyn Soothing Cream to be helpful for a number of different conditions, since it is, as the name says, soothing and it promotes healing. There's been some limited research on using Neogyn in Lichen Sclerosis, and early indications are favorable.

Topical steriods are the mainstay of treatment for Lichen Sclerosis, but if something precludes your use (like active herpes, for example), Neogyn can be beneficial—or you might use it in addition for extra comfort and healing.

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