Q: Will dilators help with vaginal atrophy?

Dilators don't treat vaginal atrophy, but they do help counter a consequence of vaginal atrophy: narrowing or shortening of the vaginal. Used over time in graduated sizes, dilators help to restore vaginal length and width, which we also call vaginal capacity.

The loss of estrogen leads to vaginal atrophy. Using vaginal moisturizers and/or vaginal estrogen helps to restore tissue health. In turn, healthy tissue responds well to the use of vaginal dilators for comfortable intercourse!

It helps to understand the varied effects of a reduction in hormones. You can read the whole story on our website in what we call "the recipe" for continued sexual health!

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Womens Voices
Womens Voices

July 06, 2015

Great answer – this is the first time I’ve come across this blog! I think in many cases, people need to be comfortable speaking to their gynecologists about these issues, but WVFC’s most recent Sex Talk features a conversation on vaginal dilators and vagifem – casual but also really informational.

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