Q: Is my vaginal moisturizer safe for oral sex?

Both Replens and Yes, the vaginal moisturizers we offer at MiddlesexMD, are perfectly safe for oral sex. In fact, all of the products we offer are chosen with safety in mind.

Your partner may have personal reactions to a taste or texture of either product, or to personal lubricants. Feedback through our personal lubricant selection kit proves just how individual those reactions are!

If you or your partner isn't happy with a moisturizer or lubricant, don't think you've got to give it up! Just check out some other options to find one that works for both of you.

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Dr. Barb
Dr. Barb

October 19, 2017

When we first chose lubricants for our shop, our team actually taste tested! What we found was that the more basic the lubricant—without scents, flavors—the less taste there might be. But partners may have preferences for water-based or silicone, for example, and some partners may prefer a flavor to none.


August 19, 2017

Can the male partner taste the lubricant?

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