The Fullness of Midlife

The Fullness of MidlifeIn the course of our work here at MiddlesexMD, we’ve had the pleasure of talking to lots of women (and men, too) about their experiences at and of midlife. Life is full for us, rich in diverse perspectives, experiences, and motivations. We’ve seen how powerful conversations can be--in helping us explore our own feelings and perceptions as well as in giving us insight into lives that are different from our own.

Rather than keeping these conversations to ourselves, we’ve decided to share a number of them through this podcast, “The Fullness of Midlife.” Our hope is to provide midlife women with knowledge and opportunities to speak, so we can all life fully the lives we choose. 

"It's powerful to capture those stories before they're lost." Journalist Jay Newton-Small describes her new project, MemoryWell, and she and Dr. Barb discuss the challenges Alzheimer's and dementia pose for families, caregivers, patients themselves, and our health care system. Read more or listen here.

"We're solving for dislocation and disconnection." Dr. Barb continues her conversation with Lesley Jane Seymour to learn more about Covey Club, her new venture to build community among women. Lesley explains why her hashtag is #learngetconnect and more. Read more or listen here.

"Women are great reinventors." Journalist, author, editor and more (no pun intended) Lesley Jane Seymour joins Dr. Barb to talk about the joys and challenges of reinvention, especially at midlife, and the importance of community or a second family as as we rise to the challenge. Read more or listen here.

“The word I come to is mutuality.” Dr. Barb talks with Kathy Davelaar, a recently retired Christian clergywoman, about gender, leadership, and the cultural messages we receive on our journeys through life. Kathy also reflects on how her understanding of sexuality evolved along with her faith. Read more or listen here.

“Confidence is the basis for everything.” Can design make the world a better place? Amy Eller, environmental designer, lifestyle consultant, and creative director, talks with Dr. Barb about the design of experiences and how each of us can use that approach for our health, self-care, and happiness. Read more or listen here.

“Get on your mat every day.” Deborah Cioffi, Dr. Barb's own yoga instructor, talks with Dr. Barb about the health benefits of breathing, flexibility, and staying in motion. She describes how yoga helped her through a stressful time, as well as how to engage or re-engage with yoga to make it a regular routine. Read more or listen here.

“Be an advocate for yourself and others.” Women’s health advocate Marta Hill Gray, of Gray Matter Group, joins Dr. Barb to talk about what led her to focus on women’s health, how women’s health differs from men’s, and what’s top-of-mind for her right now. She calls for women to become their own health champions. Read more or listen here.