Luna Beads Vaginal Weights

Luna Beads are a lovely weighted beads designed to improve your pelvic floor muscle strength.

Two pairs of beautiful, translucent, 1 1/2-inch-diameter beads are interchangeable in their holder. A pink bead weighs 28 grams, the blue 37 grams; you can start with the lighter-weight pink beads and then exchange for one or two of the blue beads as you become more practiced. You'll receive a satin pouch for storage and a user manual. The makers offer a full one-year warranty.

Manufacturer: Lelo

Who Should Consider this Product 

Choose the Luna Beads if you'd like to increase your pelvic floor muscle tone for overall response, orgasm, or continence.

Why we chose it 

With a passion for design and engineering, Lelo is among the most respected makers of “pleasure objects.” When you receive your Lelo product, you'll feel like you've been given a special gift.

Things we like 

Lighter- and heavier-weight beads mean you can increase weight resistance as you develop muscle tone 
FDA-approved ABS/silicone

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