Your Treat Kit

Artful seduction begins in the mind.

Communicate your intentions with this sexy little kit. You'll receive 10 romantic vows, 10 I love you postcards, and a Little Box of Love word magnets to help you reach out to your partner. You can decide how to use them to send the message that you're interested--and interesting! We'll include an additional surprise--a special intimacy product for your romantic encounter.

Manufacturer: Packaged by MiddlesexMD 

Who Should Consider this Product

Anyone who'd like to raise the romance quotient in a relationship.

Why we chose it

These are some of our favorite seduction tools, in a sort of sampler pack. They make it easy to be heart-meltingly romantic!


Use as your imagination directs you. Leave a note in your partner's drawer, briefcase, or car in anticipation of the evening or weekend. Make a ritual, or boost your spontaneity!

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