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The Wedge is a firm and supportive pillow, letting you fine-tune your position for comfort.

The lightweight, easy-to-move Wedge can be positioned to eliminate strain and fatigue during sex play. Its black microfiber fabric cover reduces slip in use and zips off for cleaning. Dimensions, in inches, are 24 by 14 by 7.

We are able to ship this product only within North America.

Manufacturer: Liberator

Who Should Consider this Product

Choose the Wedge if you need to fine-tune your comfort or have back problems, difficulty breathing while flat on your back, or other chronic disabilities--or if it's just difficult for you to assume or maintain positions you'd like.

Why we chose it

The Liberator support pillows are sturdy and provide firm support. 

Things we like

Additional colors available. Call or email our customer service team for options.


Champagne foam covered with patented microfiber fabric


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