Warming Kit

Looking to reignite romance?

This set of products may be exactly what you need. A Skinny Dip Massage Candle in Mandarin Patchouli sets the mood, and when melted, can be poured off as warmed massage oil. Don’t know where to begin? The illustrated Erotic Massage Deck, published by Chronicle Books, gives 50 techniques for reconnecting with your special someone.

Finally, Emerita OH Warming Lubricant turns up the heat with a healthy dose of cinnamon bark extract. The spicy ingredient stimulates circulation, which enhances sensation. (As with any warming product, test a small amount before using.)

Manufacturer: Assembled by MiddlesexMD

Who should consider this product

Anyone looking to introduce some playfulness and increased sensation into intimacy, or send a message of interest in spending time together. 

Why we chose it

We know we get into patterns with our partners, and sometimes yearn for more romance and intimacy. The MiddlesexMD team chose these products as one possible antidote to sameness.

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