Valentine's Greetings

Love notes and more for your romantic celebrations

If you'd like to give (or receive) a message of love this Valentine's season, consider this collection: a collection of 20 Polaroid Love Notes to send your very own messages throughout the coming months, a Jolie vibrator, and Sliquid Organics Silk (125ml), our most popular hybrid lubricant. The Jolie is waterproof and battery operated, and at just 3 3/4 inches long, it's easy to slip into a drawer, under a pillow, or into a bag for travel.

(If you'd like to hint to your partner, print this page and leave it in an appropriate location.)

Manufacturer: Assembled by MiddlesexMD

Who should consider the product

You or your partner, because you want a tangible sign of your feelings for each other.

Why we chose it

We selected the particular set of products for their ability to speak volumes in romance.

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