Tickle Me Tickler

Collections: Mood and Massage

Category: Playful Touch

Wake up your skin with this fun little tickler.
Combined stiff and soft feathers, securely glued into a comfortable handle for ticklish play.

Who Should Consider this Product 

Perfect for women or men, anyone who needs to get back in touch with a sense of touch.

Why we chose it 

Our chief relationship coach, Mary Jo, suggests using feather ticklers for anyone who needs help restoring libidos lost to surgical, emotional, and physical stress. We like the product and the price.

Things we don't like 

Real feathers are not a good choice for vegan or vegetarian lovers


Hold the wooden handle lightly and tickle anywhere you or your partner likes to be tickled. Tickler: Be sure to listen. Tickled: Be sure to say what you like!

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