The MiddlesexMD Recipe Kit for Sexual Health

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An introduction to sexual health after menopause

At MiddlesexMD, we've spent time digesting the research and listening to women like you to figure out "the recipe" for sexual health and comfortable, satisfying intimacy through perimenopause and past menopause. To make it easier to learn about and implement, we've put together this selection of products that cover all the bases:

Also included is a "recipe card" that explains the part played by each of ingredients of the recipe.

Manufacturer: Assembled by MiddlesexMD.

Who should consider the product

We assembled this kit for anyone who's beginning to experience (or hear about) the effects of perimenopause and is investigating what steps to take to maintain her sexual health. It's equally valuable at any point along the midlife path. It's a great way for a partner to start a conversation about what's changing in intimacy, or a meaningful gift for a milestone birthday. 

Why we chose it

We assembled the products with an eye toward both function and value, informed by what women choose at our site and what we believe to be good introductory products in each category.

Use a Vaginal Lubricant
Use a Personal Vibrator
Do Kegel Exercises
Alternatives to Intercourse 

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