Romantic Vows for Affectionate Lovers

Collections: Mood and Massage

Category: Communication

Promises, promises! These promises are sultry and sweet, naughty and nice.

Surprise your partner with a promise of good things to come with this box of 72 vows, sensual seductions, and playful surprises. These cards are a great way to express that you're in the mood or to encourage exploration. Take turns exchanging vows or hide one where your partner is sure to find it.

Manufacturer: Little Genie 

Who Should Consider this Product 

Anyone who finds it difficult to talk about sex (and don't we all?).

Why we chose it

We think these vows can help keep us mindful about intimacy, and to explore intimacy with our partners.


These little vows work like love coupons. Decide which options you like and which you don't, which sound nice and what doesn't. Then follow your instincts about how often to choose one to offer or receive!

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