Romance Magnetic Poetry Kits

Everybody needs a little help saying what they mean. Let the Romance Magnetic Poetry Kit or the Little Box of Love help you.

These collections focus on love and intimacy. Combine and recombine to make your own poems. The Romance Magnetic Poetry Kit's clear plastic storage case includes 400 word magnets, each 3/8-inch (1 cm) high. The Little Box of Love contains 72 words in a 2 1/2-by-2-inch tin.

Manufacturer: Magnetic Poetry 

Who Should Consider this Product

We know how hard it is to talk about love--even poets struggle! These collections of words will help anyone who's in love and would like it known.

Why we chose it

Any way you arrange them, these words still spell romance. 

Things we like

The romance and playfulness 
The practicality of turning a mere refrigerator or file cabinet into a billboard of passion


Combine and recombine these poetic magnets to woo your love a little more every day.


Further Help

Bonding Behaviors
Alternatives to Intercourse

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