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Reduce fatigue and improve positioning during sex play.

Both the Pillo's indigo-colored cotton outer shell and white nylon inner shell are removable and washable. Dimensions, in inches, are 15 by 18 by 7. The Pillo is small and maneuverable, and has other uses as well: Use it to recline comfortably to read or to prop a magazine on your lap.

Manufacturer: Dame Products

Who Should Consider this Product

Choose Pillo if you have back problems, difficulty breathing when reclined, or other chronic disabilities—or if it's just difficult for you to assume or maintain positions you'd like.

Why we chose it

Pillo disguises as bedroom decor by day and is a firm, comfortable support at night.

Things we like

Dame Products is a company that shares our mission of empowering women to be as sexually active as they like for as long as they choose. The company is women-owned and crowd-sourced, which means they're eager to hear the voices of their customers.


Polyurethane form, cotton outer cover, nylon inner cover, microsuede storage bag

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