Our Treat Kit

This is a toolkit for couples, for mutual playful seduction.

Each partner receives a set of vows and cards and an intimate addition; you can share a Little Box of Love word magnets.

A packet for each partner includes 10 romantic vows and 10 I love you postcards to deliver imaginatively; an additional product in each will add spice to a romantic encounter. The Little Box of Love word magnets contains 72 words to communicate your feelings for each other.

Manufacturer: Packaged by MiddlesexMD

Who Should Consider this Product

If you'd like to increase communication in your relationship and your partner is game for playfulness, choose this kit.

Why we chose it

This sampler kit encourages communication with some of our favorite products.


Use as your imagination directs you! You might agree on "rules" for exchange, or you might each develop your own approach, with exactly the amount of planning or spontaneity that feels right.

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