You know that regular vaginal moisturizing is a smart thing to do. How can you develop the habit?


MiddlesexMD makes it easy by sending you a three-month supply every three months, until you tell us to stop. You'll receive a package every three months. Each package contains 24 applicators of moisturizer, enough for 3 months when used every 4 days.

You will be charged each quarter when your package ships. Shipping is included in the per-quarter price. And if you change your mind, you can cancel at any time before that quarter's package ships.

Note: If you use a coupon code at the time of purchase, the discount will apply to the first payment/shipment only.

Manufacturer: Yes

Who Should Consider this Product

Consider this option if you'd like a boost in making this moisturizing a dependable habit.

Why we chose it

We offer this service because we believe vaginal moisturizing is as important as lotion on our faces, arms, and legs. We know it's not easy to keep the vagina in mind, so we'd like to make it as convenient and predictable as we can.

Things we like

Pre-filled applicators are the most convenient, less-mess option
Automatic shipping means you'll always have a supply on hand.


Follow package directions for safe and effective use.

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