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Lily is the original Lelo pleasure object—a stylish, 80-Hz five-mode clitoral massager that's designed for play.
The soft, silky texture of the rechargeable Lily feels luxurious in the palm of the hand. It easily adjusts among five different pulsing levels and is designed to fit the body perfectly. Lily is 3 inches long. This is the original version, among the first vibrators we chose for our product collection. It has the power that's helpful to midlife women, and simple, intuitive controls.

Manufacturer: Lelo

Who Should Consider this Product 

Consider the Lily clitoris vibrator if you wish to increase arousal to the clitoris region, either in solo exploration or couple's play.

Why we chose it 

With a passion for design and engineering, Lelo is among the most respected makers of "pleasure objects." All of the products designed and manufactured by Lelo are outstanding in safety, quality, design, and functionality.

Things we like 

Sweet, touchable design 

Materials Description 



Read the owner's manual and fully charge your Lily before use. 

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