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The rechargeable Ideal has a unique ergonomic handle that allows the user to reach every inch of her body to relax, rejuvenate, and stimulate.
The Ideal massager, with a spring-ball head, can reach your neck, lower back, and spine with ease. It has a smooth flexible touch and oscillating vibration. It can provide pleasant direct stimulation to the vagina. The Ideal's ergonomic design makes it easier for users with disabilities to reach areas that otherwise would be too difficult to massage or stimulate.

Manufacturer: Natural Contours

Who Should Consider this Product 

Choose this personal massager if you need help relaxing or suffer from tension in your back, neck, or spine. You might also choose this massager if you're intimidated by other types of vibrators.

Why we chose it 

We love the Ideal because it is so versatile--from relaxing massages to erotic stimulation. We think we'll keep one handy for those tense times in the office. This is comparable in function to the Hitachi Magic Wand, but we like this one better: The handle is ergonomically shaped, which makes it easier for some users, and the materials and construction feel more substantial.

Things we like 


Things we don't like 

Somewhat noisy 
Cannot be used internally 

Materials Description 



Read the owner's manual and fully charge your Ideal before use.

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