Fiera® SoftSense™ Ring Refills

Collections: Arousal, Clitoral Pump

The Fiera Arouser arrives with two Sofsense rings; each is designed for two or three uses.

Replace the ring when you notice any visible tears or signs of wear or have difficulty getting a good seal. Replacement rings are in sets of three. Note from the original samples you received which ring configuration worked better for you; the color of the ring denotes the version.

Who should consider this product

If you're using the Fiera Arouser, you'll want to keep a few extra rings on hand.

Why we chose it

We love the design and function of the Fiera; these rings allow women a custom fit, recognizing that not all bodies are the same.


Read the Fiera owner's manual for full instructions, including how to change the SofSense ring.

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