Fiera Arouser for Her

A combination of gentle suction and multi-focal vibration sparks circulation to awaken arousal.

Dr. Barb is finding that she's recommending the Fiera to a patient at least once a week; read this blog post to understand why. Designed for "before-play," the Fiera® Arouser is a wearable product that gets you ready for a more pleasurable intimate experience. Shaped specifically for the clitoris, it provides stimulation that encourages blood flow and vaginal lubrication. When it's in place, three patterns and intensity options add vibration to the suction. Designed for discreet, hands-free use, the Fiera is rechargeable.

Who should consider this product

Consider the Fiera Arouser for help in getting "in the mood," or if you'd like to give foreplay with your partner a boost. Fiera can benefit women (and their partners) who experience concerns about sexual desire and arousal because of menopause, life stressors, or other factors. Be aware that the Fiera Arouser may require practice, patience, and precise placement to have the results experienced by women ages 25-69 who tried the product for four weeks: 87% felt in the mood; 83% enjoyed engaging in sex; 75% felt excited and ready for sex; and 67% experienced increased lubrication.

Why we chose it

Fiera is a great design, small and sleek. Other options for "vacuum therapy" have been much more like medical equipment than intimate devices. The women behind the product care about women's sexual health and are committed to optimizing each woman's sexual experience, for her own benefit and for her partner's.

Things we like

Discreet size
Sleek design
Results scientifically measured by thermography of genital engorgement, a measure of blood circulation

Things we don't like

Because the Fiera is an intimate and personal product, we are unable to accept returns except if the product is defective. While the success measures from the trials are impressive, and Dr. Barb has heard positive testimonials from patients in her own practice, the Fiera Arouser won't work for everyone (few things do, we feel compelled to note).


Body-safe materials


Read the owner's manual for full instructions, and take the time to determine which of the two SofSense rings enclosed suits you best for fit and comfort. The manufacturer's website offers user guides and how-to videos that demonstrate use and answer the most common questions. If you still have issues using your Fiera Arouser, reach their customer support at (866) 672 9665.

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