Empty Nest Kit

Remember what it was like before kids?

Many of us are navigating an empty nest, because our youngest child has just gone off to college or grad school--or just moved out again after landing that first job. There are lots of circumstances that can lead you to this now-unfamiliar spot: It’s just you and your partner.

We’ve put together this kit to give you a boost in rediscovering that partnership. A dozen Romantic Vows for Affectionate Lovers can open the door to playfulness and reconnection. They work like “love coupons,” and you can decide how to use them with your partner to surprise each other. A Jolie vibrator is among our most discreet, while still delivering the stimulation midlife women can need. At less than four inches long and an inch in diameter, the Jolie can be tucked into a pocket, a bag, or a convenient drawer. And Pink Silicone lubricant is among our most popular; it’s medical-grade and moisturizing, as well as being long-lasting. We include a 2.8-oz. bottle.

Manufacturer: Assembled by MiddlesexMD

Who should consider the product

Anyone who’s making a transition that is also an opportunity to define a “new normal” for intimacy in a relationship.

Why we chose it

As parents (and humans!) ourselves, we on the MiddlesexMD team have experienced life changes that were turning points in our relationships. We’d like to empower folks to make the most of the opportunity.

Things we like

These products meet MiddlesexMD’s criteria for performance and safety. And then we add some fun.

Bonding Behaviors

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