Don't Stop Massage Candle

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The Don't Stop Massage Candle is nicely scented and melts into massage oil.
Available in Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon and Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla, the Booty Parlor Don't Stop candles come in easy-to-handle ribbon-tied porcelain containers, with lids that can double as coasters. Each candle will burn for approximately 46 hours and melts at a low temperature, so you really can pour the oil directly onto skin!

Who Should Consider this Product 

Choose Don't Stop massage candles if you'd like to make it a little easier to get in the mood, or if you'd like an incentive to spent more intimate time in foreplay.

Why we chose it 

We like the added surprise of massage oil after the mood is set with scent and candlelight.

Things we like 

Paraffin and paraben free 
No dyes or colorants


Shea butter, vitamins A and E, jojoba, olive oil, coconut oils, and natural soy wax


Follow the instructions on the package for safe use and candle life.

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