Breast Cancer Recovery Collection

In honor of the 220,000 women diagnosed in the U.S. each year, these resources can help you, your friend, or your sister reconnect with sexuality after battling this disease.
The kit contains Dr. Michael Krychman's book answering 100 questions about sexuality and intimacy after breast cancer; Lelo's powerful Kiri vibrator; and a 4-ounce tube of Blossom Organics Warm Sensations lubricant for increased comfort and sensation.
Manufacturer: Packaged by MiddlesexMD

Who Should Consider this Product

Anyone who has had breast cancer or has a friend, mother, sister, or partner in recovery.

Why we chose it 

Dr. Barb has counseled many patients who have successfully battled breast cancer, but faced obstacles in regaining their sexuality.

Things we like

Dr. Krychman's book is an invaluable guide for women and their partners. 
A warming lubricant can increase sensation as well as comfort.

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