Use a clitoral pump

Clitoral pumps are used to increase blood flow to the clitoris, either before or between sexual encounters to help restore and increase clitoral sensation.

As we grow older, our genital tissues receive less blood flow. Less blood flow in the clitoris means less sensation, and that can inhibit sexual interest and satisfaction. Finding ways to increase blood flow, through regular sex, self-stimulation, and using devices like a clitoral pump are all good ways to maintain your genitals and your sex life.

How To 

Clitoral pumps generally create a vacuum that uses suction to draw blood into your clitoris and prepuce. The device has a cup that fits over your clitoris, using a good lubricant to help create a strong seal if that's recommended by the instructions that come with the pump you choose. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully, not leaving the suction device in place for too long. Some clitoral pumps (like the Fiera) also use vibration to increase sensation and enhance responsiveness.