"Pleasure is around the bend."

Pom nestles into the palm of your hand and its soft silicone construction flexes to contour your body for a snug fit. The rechargeable motor delivers both targeted and broad vibrations. The controls are easy and intuitive; it’s easy to toggle among five pre-set vibration patterns and to increase or decrease the intensity. Plus, Pom is completely waterproof.  

Manufacturer: Dame Products

Who Should Consider this Product

Women looking for more sensation.

Why We Chose It

Dame Products is a company that shares our mission of empowering women to be as sexually active as they like for as long as they choose. The company is women-owned and crowd-sourced, which means they're eager to hear the voices of their customers.

Things We Like

  • The flexibility is especially user-friendly.
  • Controls are intuitive, so it’s easy to change vibration pattern and intensity as needed. 

Things We Don't Like

Cannot be used with silicone lubricants.


Medical-grade silicone 


Carefully read the owner's manual for full instructions. 

Further Help

Use a Personal Vibrator

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