Intensity Electrode Gel

Designed by the makers of the Intensity Pelvic Tone Vibrator, this gel supports effective muscle stimulation.

InControl Electrode Gel (formerly named InTone) is part of effective use of the Intensity vibrator for stimulation and pelvic tone. This 2-ounce tube contains a gel that is salt-free, hypoallergenic, and bacteriostatic. It is not a lubricant, but intended specifically for use with the Intensity.

Manufacturer: InControl Medical, LLC

Who should consider this product

Purchase more electrode gel if you're using the Intensity Pelvic Tone Vibrator and have exhausted the supply of gel received with your device.

Why we chose it

InControl Medical developed this product to be appropriate for the most effective use of their Intensity vibrator.

Things we like

Other electrode gels are intended for external use only; they may contain ingredients that aren't friendly to sensitive tissues.


Follow the instructions that came with your Intensity device and on the gel packaging.

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