The Better Sex Video Series: Sexplorations DVD Set

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Produced and directed by Mark Schoen, PhD, this DVD set includes discussion and demonstration of the “entire palette” of fantasy, foreplay, massage, positions, and both male and female anatomy.
In this four-disc set are “Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions,” “22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn ons,” “Erotic Sex Play & Beyond,” and a bonus soundtrack music CD. Endorsed by the president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, the content includes both explanation of the anatomy and physiology of intimacy and explicit demonstrations by real couples.

Manufacturer: Sinclair Institute

Who Should Consider this Product

If you’re looking for information or inspiration that can reinvigorate or reawaken your sexual intimacy, or if you’ve considered erotic videos but haven’t known where to find one that was tastefully done.

Why we chose it

Our medical advisory team, which includes therapists as well as MDs, unanimously recommended this DVD set, especially for women who are looking for a platform from which to open a conversation about intimacy and lovemaking with their partners.

Things we like

Solid information across a breadth of topics 
Straightforward, unblushing, matter-of-fact presentation

Things we don't like

While there's good variety among the couples included, we could wish there were at least a few who were older.

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