Estrogen Matters

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The title says it all: Estrogen Matters: Why Taking Hormones in Menopause Improves Women's Well-Being, Lengthens their Lives--and Doesn't Raise the Risk of Breast Cancer

This is the book Dr. Barb hopes every woman (and every health care provider who serves women) will read. It explains the role of estrogen in women's health, and debunks false narratives that have emerged over the past several decades. Hear an interview with the authors, Dr. Carol Tavris and Dr. Avrum Bluming, on our podcast, The Fullness of Midlife

Dr. Barb found this book to be clear and compelling, and very helpful in outlining the risks and benefits--based on scientific evidence--that will help every woman be an informed advocate for her own health.

320-page hardcover book

Who should consider this product

Anyone investigating health through menopause and beyond, especially if she's received conflicting advice about hormone therapy or has particular concern about heart, bone, or cognitive health. Which, Dr. Barb would say, means "Anyone!"

Why we chose it

Dr. Barb and the MiddlesexMD team receive books for review periodically. Some are interesting, some are forgettable, but Dr. Barb found this one absolutely galvanizing.

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