100 Questions & Answers About Life After Breast Cancer

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Almost 200,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. each year; virtually all of the women who undergo treatment have questions about intimacy, sexuality, and relationships.

100 Questions & Answers About Life After Breast Cancer: Sensuality, Sexuality, Intimacy was written to provide authoritative answers for women and their partners. The authors, Michael Krychman, Susan Kellogg, and Sandra Finestone, are female sexuality and breast cancer physicians. The book offers encouragement and reassurance to those struggling with the physical and emotional repercussions of this disease. 

230-page paperback book

Manufacturer: Dr. Michael Krychman

Who Should Consider this Product

Choose this book if you, a partner, or a friend are rebuilding a sense of sensual self and relationships after breast cancer.

Why we chose it 

We know that while breast cancer can occur much earlier, it's more common among us midlife women. Two of the authors also have served on the MiddlesexMD medical advisory board, so we know we share an interest in helping women maintain sexuality for life.

Things we like 

An invaluable guide for women and their partners

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