PrevaLeaf™ Soothe Natural Soothing Cream

A natural, non-irritating cream to ease itch and discomfort.

A little goes a long way to improve comfort with soothing vitamin E and aloe. For external use, water-based Soothe is made with natural ingredients, paraben-, hormone-, and fragrance-free, and pH-balanced for the genital environment. It's formulated to absorb rapidly; the 10-ml airless pump dispenses up to 30 applications.

Manufacturer: PrevaLeaf

Who Should Consider this Product

Women with vaginal or vulvar discomfort, including dryness and itch, which is common with hormonal changes. It may also be caused by chemical irritation (from cleansers, hygiene products, or laundry detergents), friction and moisture from exercise clothing, yeast infections, or bacterial vaginosis. Rated 91 by SkinSAFE; contains fragrance and coconut.

Why we chose it 

We like PrevaLeaf's mission to help women stay in control and well, and their focus on all-natural ingredients.

Things we like 

Soothe is water-based with vitamin E and aloe. Its pH balance is slightly acidic, like the acidity of a healthy vaginal environment. It's hormone-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.


Water, emulsifying wax NF (naturally derived coconut, palm, and corn), ethylhexyl stearate (naturally derived vegetable-palm), cyclomethicone, sorbitol (naturally derived), lactobacillus ferment (naturally derived), vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract (naturally derived), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), lysine-proline-valine-chloride, sodium benzoate (naturally derived), aloe barbadensis leaf juice (natural, freeze-drying process), lactic acid (naturally derived), disodium EDTA


Wash hands and apply a fingertip-sized amount of PrevaLeaf™ Soothe as needed. Consult your health care provider if symptoms change or are associated with vaginal discharge.

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