Amielle Vaginal Dilator Kit

The cones in this dilator set twist and lock onto the handle for easy insertion and removal.

The Amielle dilators range in size from .63” to 1 1/2” for progressive vaginal dilation therapy. The smallest cone is 2¾” long without the handle; the largest is 6¼” long before attaching to the handle. Each cone has a silky-smooth finish and a slight taper for easy transition between sizes. Made of medical-grade hard plastic, they can be thoroughly cleaned and are nontoxic and latex-free. Carry/storage bag is included.

Manufacturer: Owen Mumford

Who Should Consider this Product

Choose to use dilators if you have difficulty with penetration. The cause may be vaginismus (muscle spasms causing vaginal tightness), medical treatment or surgery that has narrowed or shortened the vagina, or menopause, which can itself narrow or shorten the vagina.

Why we chose it

These dilators are firm enough to be easy to insert, and the range of sizes is practical for regaining vaginal capacity.

Things we like 

  • Non-latex materials, free of BA and phthalates 
  • High-quality, medical-grade plastic 
  • Instruction manual enclosed, although we recommend getting personal advice from your health care provider

Materials Description


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