The Sexual Spark

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The subtitle says it all: 20 Essential Exercises to Reignite the Passion.

Michael Krychman, a long-time advisor and friend to MiddlesexMD, partnered with Alyssa Dweck to write The Sexual Spark: 20 Essential Exercises to Reignite the Passion. Both are doctors who specialize in aspects of sexual health. 

The book opens with all of the ways in which sex is good for us, an excellent reminder when continued intimacy may take some effort. It goes on to outline activities for couples, encouraging fresh perspective, experimentation, playfulness, and communication. If you read only one chapter a month, we suspect you'll experience more pleasure and intimacy with your partner! And this second edition has an expanded resource section for even more spark.

144-page paperback book

Manufacturer: Dr. Michael Krychman

Who Should Consider This Product

If you're in a long-term relationship and have found the passion to be flagging, if you're in a new relationship and are interested in learning about each other, or if the discomforts of menopause have begun to challenge your interest in sex, you'll find this book helpful.

Why We Chose It

The MiddlesexMD team has relied on Dr. Michael Krychman for a number of years as a medical advisor. We know he shares our mission to encourage and equip women (and their partners) to remain sexually vital for just as long as they choose.

Things We Like

This is an action-oriented book, not a theoretical treatise! What you read can change your plans for the weekend--or the evening.

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