Q: Is there a magic pill to get my mojo back?

You say you’ve tried Intrarosa, and it didn’t address your dryness. Even with lubricants, penetration is not working for you (or your husband). You recognize a “desire discrepancy” and are not alone in wanting a magic answer! And if there’s pain for you, it’s very hard to expect an improvement in libido or interest in sex. Resolving the pain is always my first order of business.

Intrarosa is a very effective treatment for painful intercourse, but not the only option. Trying another treatment may be helpful, but I also wonder whether there is another cause of painful intercourse that is not being completely addressed. Vulvodynia, which is commonly overlooked, comes to mind. A thorough pelvic exam is needed to diagnose that or another condition that may be contributing to your discomfort. It may be that vaginal dilators would help in regaining function (patency) to allow for penetration.

Hormone therapy could potentially be beneficial. It isn’t “magic” for everyone, but it can be helpful for many. That is a conversation worth having with your healthcare provider. I recommend you find someone with NAMS (North American Menopause Society) certification in your area; go to their provider locator and enter your zip code to find one in your area.

Dr. Barb DePree MD
Dr. Barb DePree MD


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