Q: Are my lubricant and moisturizer safe for oral sex?

Barring individual ingredient allergies or sensitivities, the moisturizers and lubricants we offer at MiddlesexMD are body-safe and safe for oral sex. Read the ingredients; some manufacturers especially of lubricants will list “food-grade” ingredients, which is extra assurance.

Vaginal moisturizers are used throughout the week (every two or three days) and can be applied hours before or after intimacy, so you can minimize your partner’s experience with the moisturizer.

Vaginal lubricantsLubricants are used at the time of intimacy, so partner preferences—in addition to safety—come into play. Silicone and water-based lubricants have a different “feel” in the mouth as well as on the body. And perceptions of flavors and scents are entirely individual; your partner may prefer an unscented option. If you’d like to test a few options, you and your partner can explore our Personal Lubricant Selection Kit, which offers seven samples of some of our most popular lubricants and a full-sized tube or bottle of the one you like best. 

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